Private Parties & Special Event Venue

Michael Brown, fondly known as “JazzyBrown” is a recording artist with many gifts. He reads, writes and arranges music and gives you a performance to remember. Michael’s primary instrument is tenor saxophone; however he also plays soprano and alto as well. He is known for his melodic flute and clarinet playing and has mastered the piano well enough to write and arrange. Michael has even written for a full orchestra, including strings. Born in the mid-western environment of Indianapolis, Indiana, Michael’s influences have been artist and personal friends such as :
Wes Montgomery, Freddie Hubbard and JJ Johnson who was his neighbor. After moving to New York City at a very early age, he calls New York his adopted home. As a result of his formal training at Jordan Conservatory in music theory, harmony and arrangement, he has become a great technician, as well as a composer. As music is the “universal language” Michael has attained a more global perspective through his international performances--having played in such diverse venues as South Africa, The Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Japan, England, Paris, Italy, Poland and Turkey. His artistic success in these countries personifies the belief that music transcends all countries and boundaries. Michael has played and recorded with numerous well known artists. Although versed in all genres of music, jazz remains his favorite. He has two recordings to his credit (one smooth jazz and one acoustic jazz).
He was produced by  Jazz, R&B  producer Norman Connors. 

Michael has had several strokes  and is no longer able to play  or travel the world, which had become his way of life. Some very special people who have heard him, followed his career and believe that he has made a tremendous contribution to the artistic world, decided they would reward him with a  venue named after him. With the vision and determination of a devoted wife and manager,Margaret Lee-Brown,  Director of Operations, Booking & Promotions  at Jazzy Brown has helped JAZZY BROWNS  to become a place where musicians "CAN SHINE"  and people can enjoy  SPECIAL EVENTS and PRIVATE PARTIES.

Blues For Oliver - Michael Jazzy Brown